MTD Butkiewicz - Międzynarodowy Transport Drogowy

Transport and Shipping

At the highest level



In accordance with the requirements of the EU and other international legislation ...




We know that your cargo must be delivered to a specific place at the right time...



Our Routes

A large number of vehicles allows us to reach most of the destinations in Europe...


A large number of vehicles allows us to handle most of the routes of Europe and Asia. Vehicles with our company logo can be found daily on the routes of the European Union, Eastern Europe and South America, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

We have a highly specialized staff and latest technology which allows us to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers. Our staff in the service will deal with the selection of the most efficient logistics solutions and convenient option to send the goods to make your product safely. We went to prepare the necessary documents, will take care of all formalities, plan the most optimal route and selects the appropriate mode of transport.